morpheus v.0.3

morpheus v.0.3 divides compound Sanskrit word (samAsa) into its components, padas and shows their morphology and translation.

Now morpheus v.0.3 has the plugins for Firefox and Chromium.

Morpheus works everywhere. Just double-click on a Sanskrit word-form to start it.


three steps:

double click everywhere on a web page - padaccheda - possible chains of padas; the upper - (possible, but not always) the better

click on pada - morphplogic analysis (names analysis more or less correct, verbs in its infancy)

click on morph row - possible dicts articles; note: you should choose a corresponding gender or gana-pada by yourself , i.e. check morphs to dicts correspondance

hot keys:

ESC - closes all

shift-mouse-over-nagari - IAST transliteration

doubleclick - starts Morpheus for that very word-form, useful in a dict articles


just type one word in a devanagari, keyboard layout mimics SLP1, then Enter or doubleclick. Do not type virama, it is already typed. Vowel in first position already in a full form. To remove virama, type key "a", or backspace. To type A-dirgha, type "a" once more.


Morpheus uses remarkable dictionaries from, many thanks to the team. But I add two more special dicts, first (named BG) from, and second (named Terms) for some exceptions, all pronoun forms, etc.


Morpheus-03 was made with a huge amount of tests. Tests done by comparing the text of the Bhagavad Gita with its transcript from and some others

sandhi.js - 2297

vigraha.js - 701

stemmer.js - 701

code, license, contacts:


license: GNU GPL

email: Michael Bykov,