Morpheus for Sanskrit v.0.4

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Morpheus is a plugin for Firefox and Chrome - simple practical samAsa parser and morph analyzer for Sanskrit

Just double-click a Sanskrit word to start it.

Three main objectives:




hot keys:


just type single word in a devanagari, keyboard layout mimics SLP1.Then Enter or doubleclick. Do not type virama, it is already typed. Vowel in first position is already in a full form. To remove virama, type key "a", or backspace. To type A-dirgha-liga, type "a" once more. Other dirgha is on vowel key + Shift bytton


Morpheus uses four dictionaries:

Remarkable dictionaries MW and Apte from

Many thanks to a team at

But also two more special dicts, 'BG' '', and 'Termins', or 'TS' for some ready final forms, pronouns, ordinals, etc.